Schedule of Events

Check in later as we continue to improve our community calendar.  Our goal is not just to broadcast our events and projects, but to join with the community in celebrating everything we do together!

This is just one small way we try to be the credit union difference!
See what lies ahead for the Foundation.  Check back regularly as we continue to announce new ways we are partnering with our community and growing our Credit Union family.
  1. 52 Week Savings Challenge
    Normal Business Hours
    Sign up to be part of the 52 Week Savings Challenge, where members compete to see how closely they can stick to their financial goals
  2. National Youth Savings Challenge
    Normal Business Hours
    For the entire month of April, Desert Valleys will be hosting a local chapter of the National Youth Savings Challenge. We hope to see young people grow their financial knowledge with our encouragement and support!
  3. Bite of Reality
    For our 4th year running, Desert Valleys will be hosting our youth financial education workshop. Sign up ahead of time and be part of the fun!
  4. Desert Valleys Employee Foundation Annual Meeting
    Come see what all the Employee Foundation is doing and get a full report on our activities and future plans.
  5. Annual Fireworks Fundraiser
    Normal Business Hours
    For the entire month of June, Desert Valleys will be raising funds for the community fireworks show on the 4th of July, presented by the Ridgecrest Lions Club.
  6. Fall Football Frenzy
    Normal Business Hours
    Raising money for a good cause has never been more fun. Buy your square and join the excitement as you see your favorite team inch closer to the Super Bowl! Selling starts September 1st and runs the whole month.
  7. International Credit Union Day
    Normal Business Hours
    We take our responsibility to be your local credit union very seriously. On this special day, we take a moment to appreciate what it means to be the credit union difference
  8. Member Appreciation Day with Santa!
    Normal Business Hours
    Credit Unions are what they are thanks to the members who support them. We're going to take a day to thank the members for being part of the family. And you-know-who will be in the lobby to spread some holiday cheer!
'We're here for you'

Be the Credit Union difference.