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Creating a Family

Being a Neighbor

At Desert Valleys, we believe helping our community means more than holding on to money. We believe it means giving back, giving generously, and giving what counts.

In 2013, we founded the Desert Valleys Employee Foundation to do more and do good.

Our Purpose

To take our community outreach and financial education efforts to the next level, we launched a 501(c)(3) corporation ─ the Desert Valleys Employees Foundation.

It provides the ability for credit union employees and volunteers to raise money and broaden assistance to local community organizations. The Foundation's goal is to provide financial support to organizations which improve the quality of our member's lives and seek to improve the financial literacy of children and adults within our community.

Raising & Giving

Like many nonprofits, we work to raise funds that help our community.  We work hard to give generously.

Our Fundraising

Our Grants

To raise funds, the Foundation relies on the financial support of the employees and volunteers of DVFCU. Additionally, the foundation may be funded by grants from Desert Valleys FCU.

The Foundation may also seek additional grant funding from other philanthropic groups with similar objectives.
If you have an organization which is interested in applying for a grant from the foundation, please email us at [email protected].

Grant requests are reviewed quarterly and awarded by the committee. The average grant amount can range from $250 to $1,000. Grant eligibility must be established via an application.
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Upholding Our Values

At Desert Valleys, we live and work with a code of values.  Everything we do with our Foundation is meant to serve those values and bring them out to our community.
  1. Compassionate
    We will show passion and empathy to our member's success and challenges.
  2. Adaptable
    We will change as our world changes.
  3. Trusted
    We will be honest and direct in our communication.
  4. Dedicated
    We will earn business through our work ethic.
  5. Accountable
    We will take personal responsibility for ourselves and improving our members' lives.
  6. Mentor
    We will build the lives of members by offering respectful guidance and direction.

Foundation Management

The Foundation is managed by a five member committee which includes two current or past Directors of the credit union, two active employees of the credit union, and the Chief Executive Officer of Desert Valleys FCU.

The committee is appointed in July during odd numbered years for two year terms. They meet quarterly to determine strategic process and direction, and to approve nonprofit organizations to receive monetary support and volunteer assistance.
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