Desert Valleys Employee Foundation

  1. Teaching Financial Literacy
    Teaching Financial Literacy
    Through programs like Bite of Reality and our Gift of Knowledge drive, we encourage financial literacy in our youth.
  2. In the Community
    In the Community
    We take every opportunity we can to be in our community, supporting local events, local business, and our neighborhood spirit.
  3. The Credit Union Difference
    The Credit Union Difference
    We believe our responsibility goes beyond just holding your money: we want to be good neighbors, reliable friends, and community partners. We take every chance to lead efforts that will help our community grow and improve.
  4. The Credit Union Family
    The Credit Union Family
    We pride ourselves on being more than a team. At Desert Valleys, we're a family. And as a family, we take time to build our spirit, instill our values, and grow closer together. That's what makes our family giving and helpful neighbors.

Our Mission

We enrich the lives of children by supporting educational efforts which seek to improve either financial literacy or social responsibility in children.

Being the Difference

Being a part of a small community is something special.  The Desert Valleys Employee Foundation knows that making a difference is about being a good neighbor, a generous partner, and a constant friend.

Here at Desert Valleys, we want to see lives changed, people helped, and children learn.  Through our activities, our contributions, and our events, we believe every dollar counts to enrich lives and encourage growth.

We are proud of everything we have accomplished and look forward to more opportunites to lend a helping hand to our community.  As we grow, the community grows, and our ability to give back grows.  We thank our generous members, our faithful staff, and a loving community that cotinues to give.

That's the Credit Union difference.
'We're here for you'

Be the Credit Union difference.